What do you know about vintage clothing?

Maybe you didn’t know that vintage clothes are still popular. Rock My Vintage is one of the shops that provide vintage clothing, but there are many others. So if you want to travel back to the 20’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s or 80’s they might have the right clothing for you. But what kind of clothes can you expect from these kinds of vintage shops? Are all vintage clothes the same or are the certain things that you need to be aware of? And what are the highlights of certain time periods and how can you add them to your outfit? Those are the things that we would like to tell you a bit more about. We’ll tell you more about the fashion or different time periods so you can see which vintage style is the most suitable for your wardrobe and personality.


Fashion of the 20’s.
The 1920’s was quite a frivolous time period. Liberty and adventure were held in high regard, especially by young people, and these ideas were reflected in the clothes that people worse. Dresses, tunics and tops were adorned with beads or even small mirrors. Also, tassels and fringes were used in abundance so they could dance as much as the woman who wore the dress. The bag was no longer the accessory to have. Instead, a small purse could do the trick just as well. After all, a few coins and a couple of cigarettes were all you needed when you went out for the evening.


Fashion of the 50’s
Of course, the fashion of the 50’s differs from the fashion of the 20’s. After all, fashion changes all the time. The 1950’s began displaying the kind of dresses and other outfits that most people would consider real vintage. It is, therefore, the most popular era to replicate. Flattering and fun were the words that describe this types of fashion the best. Dresses with polka dots and large or small flowers introduced itself. The dress can be adorned with a scarf and some flirty jewellery. And, also the handbag made its return. It becomes larger and more functional again. And there is some other jewellery that can adorn your outfit.


Fashion of the 60’s and 70’s
20 years later, the mood changed again, No longer were flattery and fun the words people used. The new ideals were expression and freedom. Also, this era saw a return to nature. The dresses were created with a free cut to allow them to flow freely. From this time period, you can expect some soft maxi dresses adorned with ethnic-inspired prints. Paisley and leaf were two major prints of the time period.


Of course, you don’t have to go all the way if you want a little vintage in your life. One outfit can already be fun, but even some vintage accessories or a vintage top combined with modern jeans can look great. See what is offered and create your own vintage style.


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